There are two key principles of worship as we understand them. (more...)


There are two important ways of being in fellowship at MB Christian Church. (more...)


How do I grow in character and depth in my relationship with God? (more...)


Being connected with God and growing in faith will always lead to a desire to serve others. (more...)


Why is it important to reach out to others? (more...)


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Welcome to Master Builder Christian Church

Our vision is to establish a community of people who gratefully embrace and faithfully demonstrate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to impact every area of life.  We desire to bless our neighborhoods locally and the specific nations of the world as God directs by planting churches, equipping leaders, assisting the poor, caring for the sick and educating the children.  We pursue this by celebrating God’s presence (WORSHIP), assimilating God’s family (FELLOWSHIP), educating God’s people (DISCIPLESHIP), demonstrating God’s love (MINISTRY) and communicating God’s word (EVANGELISM).

Transforming the Community

Led by Pastor Ron Bernier, Master Builder Ministries seeks to transform lives and communities through service to God. Our home in Fall River, Massachusetts is home to ministries that each answer specific needs for building a community that is positive, alive and true to the Lord’s expectations.



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