Missions Strategy

Our Missions Strategy

Strategy for Ministry and Missions

1. Labor to establish the local church according to the key principles discovered in Acts, supported by the Epistles.

2. Develop a plan to train those men who have proven to be faithful, passing on the deposit (sound life and sound doctrine) that they might teach others also.

3. Respond to ministry opportunities as God provides them, only moving through those open “expansion” doors with mature teams commissioned by the elders.

4. Major on what Acts records as “missionary work” by evangelizing strategic cities (Rom. 15:14-19), instructing new Christians (Acts 14:22), establishing local churches, and strengthening those churches that will duplicate this cycle and multiply.

5. Continue to participate in the furtherance of the gospel with the teams that have been sent by standing with them as they have need.

6. Network local churches when ministry opportunities are larger than one local church can handle. This may involve common strategy and organization. Such strategy and organization, however, should not assume the responsibilities of the local church or authority over the local church; it should function as a tool of the local church.

7. Continue to establish and expand the church locally, impacting the local community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

* For a complete explanation of the above strategy see "MBCC Strategy for Ministry and Missions."