Why is it important to reach out to others?

Because we have some good news to share! The good news is that God loves us, and Jesus is the ultimate expression of God’s love. God is having a celebration of life in Jesus’ honor, and everyone is invited! You, me, everyone! And a healthy family always shares the good things it has with others, so we share God’s love.

I’m not comfortable sharing – how can God use me to let others know His love?

God intends to use everyone in His family to love others. The problem is, there are usually some big walls in the way – even some walls we’re may not even be aware of. Once we remove these walls, we can share naturally and effectively.

How do you effectively share Jesus with others?

Just like Jesus shared – authentically, lovingly, patiently, and with great effectiveness. We look at Jesus as our professor on sharing God’s love – who else did it better or was more effective!

Jesus has also called us to build us some walls.

We believe that by finding opportunities to serve our neighborhoods and the world around us, we will have opportunities to share the love of God through our community action. God has called us to be change agents in our world. His desire is for us to bring solutions to the problems facing our communities.

Join us in reaching out as we break down some walls that have created barriers with those Christ died for and build up other walls that protect and guard our communities as we reach out in the love of Jesus!