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When we speak of discipleship at Master Builder Christian Church, we mean growing in Christ-likeness. 

How Do I Grow in Character and Depth in My Relationship with God?

After we have become connected to God’s family (fellowship), we are called to grow in our faith.  Learning more about God and experiencing Him is a life-long endeavor.  Growing requires us to commit to developing our relationship with God.  And as we grow, we:

  • Gain understanding and experience to deal with both the good and difficult times of life,
  • Develop a healthy understanding of the Scriptures,
  • Build a dynamic, real life relationship with God through prayer,
  • Learn to utilize the principle of biblical stewardship (how we care for and employ the things God gives us) and
  • Realize the empowerment of the Holy Spirit as He helps us to live our lives for Christ.

How Do I Go Deeper?

Through Sunday morning celebrations, Bible studies, leadership classes, prayer groups, special seminars, and one on one mentoring relationships you will learn that authentic growth comprises much more that just informational head-knowledge.  It involves more intimacy with God, and includes not just being “hearers of the word,” but living out that word in our daily lives.

At Master Builder Ministries we also have a Pre-k through 12th grade Christian School, East Gate Christian Academy, where young people can have virtue and knowledge instilled in them at a young age all the while they are able to grow in skill and experience.

Vision Bible College (a ministry of Master Builder Ministries) prepares adults to focus on building character, knowledge and skills necessary to serve the Lord by serving others.  Students can take courses on our campus or through an external independent relationship.


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